New Year Resolutions, Yay or Nay?

Milo helping me plan my future!
Milo helping me plan my future!

Anyone else tired of trying to come up with New Years Resolutions just for the sake of it? Well I certainly am, so this year I decided instead of failing at my usual unattainable resolutions,  I’m going to change my mind set. Instead thinking about my short term, mid year, and long term goals. I’m going to call them ‘my goals’ my new overused word for 2015.  I plan on  sharing these with you so I can be made accountable for them. This will allow me to refocus if I start to veer off-course during the year.

Short term goals:

  • Start a new strength programme at my strength and conditioning gym
  • Get working on gym progressions; 5 toe to bar unbroken and start on chin progressions
  • Clean eating as part of my normal everyday eating habits
  • Cook new recipes to make my clean eating more interesting
  • Increase my water consumption. Have a cup of green tea every day (I don’t drink tea or coffee, so force myself to drink it). Drink lemon water every morning. Some of the numerous benefits include; supporting the immune system, aids digestion, repairs skins, reduces appetite and balances the pH levels in the body ‘’.
  • Book summer holiday (kept putting this off last year so went nowhere)

Mid Year Goals:

  • Be confident to publicily publish my blogs (scary)
  • Feel healthier and happier with my body due to my strength programme and clean eating
  • Feel very comfortable in my size 12s
  • Have bigger repertoire of recipes

Year goals:

  • Diploma in Diet, Health & Wellness Coaching
  • Continuous blogging
  • Working towards new career possibilities along with my current career
  • Others: Unfortunately I’m not confident to even admit them to myself right now but I’m working on it!


I read an article recently that when you think about your goal you must ask yourself two questions. Why do you have that goal? How will that goal make you feel? These questions are aimed at focusing our minds and thinking about our goals more deeply. I’ve written the answers to these questions beside the goals in my diary. So here’s hoping my new game plan and support from you will enable me to reach my new year goals.

If anyone has any interesting ways of reaching their goals or has any goals you think I could work on, feel free to leave your comment below.

Milo & Me



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