Floating or Fading through week 1?


I have been through week 1 or day 1 of my ‘diet’ for as long as I can remember. So this time it was just day 1 of my healthy eating lifestyle. That’s it, a lifestyle, not a diet, not a quick fix, no food restrictions and no hunger. In the last year or so iv realised its all physiological. If you tell yourself you are on a diet, then your brain panics. All you can think about is food; when is my next meal? what will I eat? how many calories will I consume? And finally the biggest one of all, that constant strain on the brain, the guilt!! This time I’m not putting myself through it.

And so far it’s working. I’m on a journey, to eat as healthy as possible, do my best, but not over think it or put myself under pressure. I’m going to follow as close as possible the 80:20 rule. That allows me to follow a clean eating plan as healthily as I can for 80% of my week but more importantly allows me 20% of a little indulgence. I want to be able to go out with my friends at the weekend and eat a delicious meal without any guilt, and maybe even a little dessert!!

Lets look at some of the difficulties with week 1:

  • Organisation; it’s tough but it’s the key to success
  • Meal planning; knowing what you are going to eat each day and having the food at hand
  • People; even friends who only want the best for you, seem to think you are ‘a bit nuts’ to be eating healthy. During week 1 my ‘date brownies’ were met with a look of confusion and a wrinkled up nose! I don’t comment negatively about the poor food choice you are making, so why are you commenting negatively about the healthy  food choice I am making?
  • Money; unfortunately, in my opinion healthy eating can be expensive. Especially with trips to the health food shop. But as they say ‘your health is your wealth’
  • Grocery shopping; I hate it, I don’t no why, I often beg the bf to do it. It’s time consuming, busy, I constantly forget items I need. Its the nightmare part of my week, which unfortunately seems to happen numerous times in the week. Land all the ingredients on my counter top and I will happily cook away

Now some of the triumphs of week 1:

  • Feeling; honestly I feel amazing, it’s that simple
  • Body; my stomach is less bloated, just slightly but it’s a step
  • Goals; I’ve set my goals and I’m sticking to them
  • Cooking; I’ve created new meals in my kitchen that I can add to my repertoire
  • Positivity; I am so much more positive, I know, how could that be, but I actually am. Maybe it’s because I’m not hungry or depriving myself, or maybe it’s my new attitude but im feeling great. Long may it last…..
Date Brownies from Deliciously Ella
Date Brownies from Deliciously Ella

I hope you are doing just as well after week one.  Remember week 1 can be anytime of the year, just get started. You will feel so much better and so proud of yourself.

(click into the image for description of the meals)

Milo & Me


7 thoughts on “Floating or Fading through week 1?

  1. looks lovely!! i thought your date brownies were very good. got to love that kinda toffee texture the dates add! and i was obv a hummus fan…haha i seem to be doing a 90/10 plan at the moment the opp way :O but keep up the inspiration! 🙂 doing great X

  2. Great post and I love that you are able to be honest about the good and the bad aspects of changing your diet. You’re not going to be automatically “amazing” straight off the bat. It takes a little work and perseverance. Keep it up.

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