30 before 30


So lately on Instagram I came across a #30before30 and I loved it. I thought it was such a great way to really push yourself. I have this problem where I feel guilty for not doing enough with my life, not seeing enough, learning enough, travelling enough etc. At the end of the day, I am happy with the way I am living my life, or am I? This is where I started thinking about all the things I have done over the past year. At first I couldn’t think of much but once I put pen to paper the list started to expand.  I felt this list would help identify all the small but great things I am doing, rather than allowing me to focus on the things I am not doing. Time to change that mindset, focus on the positives and there wont be any time left for the negatives!

Unfortunately when I saw this hashtag I was well into my 29 years in existence. So I needed a different approach. I thought what if I sat down and listed all the new or exciting things I did between these two birthdays.  If I came up short, which I did, push on with the last four months to reach these 30 new experiences.

The completed list:

1. Co-pilot rally sprint

2. Roller Derby

3. 6 week pole dancing class

4. 6 week yoga class

5. Completed 10k obstacle course ‘Mayhem

6. Completed 10k road race

7. Coumshingaun, Comeragh Mountains

8. Cliff House Ardmore, Waterford

9. Tree top walk, Castlecommer, Kilkenny

10. Blogging course

11. Publish first blog post

12. Book a holiday I will never forget ‘Bali’

13. Read a book I will never forget ‘The Historian’

14. Puppy ‘Milo’

15. Visit one of my besties in Brighton

16. Visit Lisbon

17. Trip to Crokeshaven, Cork

18. Visit Mizen Head, Cork

19. Afternoon tea in Adare Manor

20. Bridesmaid for other bestie Noelle

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Still working on……

21. Diploma

22. 3 months alcohol free Jan – March (a long three months!!)

23. Complete strength programme in the gym Phoenix Strength and Conditioning

24. Increase 1 rep max for strict press, front squat, deadlift, bent over row and bench

25. Order scallops

25. Increase savings

26. Cook a 3 course clean meal for a special occassion

27. Visit the Mitchelstown Caves

28. Eat in a Michelin Star restaurant

29. Working on this new lifestyle of ‘journeying towards a healthy me’

30. Suppose I cant really finish without mentioning the big one. The boy! (He will kill me for this)

Busy havin' the bants
Busy havin’ the bants

This is where my list ends. But who says it has to be 30 before 30, my friend loved the idea and is doing 31 before 31! It’s your life, you make the rules! Time for you to put pen to paper. If nothing else it will push you into getting things on that bucket list ticked off. Make a list that is achievable, allow yourself only a positive outcome. But most of all make it a memorable year.

Milo & Me


5 thoughts on “30 before 30

  1. Love it!! I need to put pen to paper quick. I was just thinking yesterday that i feel like I’m sitting watching the weeks go by & really not making the most of my time. Thanks for the inspiration ❤

  2. Well done Rachel, great post. Identifying what you’d like to do and get doing them is a perfect way to ensure that you are not just /floating through life x

  3. Oops just realised my earlier comment didn’t act post 😂 doh! Great idea- I did similar list for my 30s – got most of it ticked… Next on to do are Macau picchu, hog warts in Orlando n Nashville. Most of mine is travel or art related at mo but shud prob get some exercise ones! Though ye are inspiring me all the time it’s great idea to write down all the things we have achieved I think that’s great to look back on isn’t it!!! Keep up the great work 😊💖😊

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