7 days of yumminess – My foods to fuel

I love seeing or hearing about what people eat. Am I nosey, curious or interested in learning what people choose to fuel themselves with, probably all of the above! So I thought I would join this cohort of health bloggers and share my foods for this week.

First let me state that what I ate this week was not pretty, not sexy and definitely not photogenic. It is however reality. I find it difficult to make a plate of green veg, meat and brown rice very pretty. But that’s not what I am here to do. Don’t get me wrong I adore pretty food, hence my addiction with Instagram. And while I often try to take decent pictures, vegetable soup with a tin of salmon can only do so much for me!!!

I am no expert and I too make mistakes within my 80% clean eating rule. Just because I fuel myself with these foods, does not mean I am telling you to. I am simply being accountable for my healthy journey so the temptation to veer off track is reduced.

So lets get started….


I have serious difficulty dragging myself away from the oats. My obsession with them had gone far enough. My bowls were too big; packed full with nuts, berries, nut butter etc. While all of these ingredients are clean and nutritious, they are also high in energy. So I decided to keep the oats for the weekend and crack on with the egg and smoothie breakfast. I am aiming to get lots of protein from my eggs and low energy carbs from my smoothies.

As you can see the morning ritual doesn’t change too much

Until the weekend and things start looking up!!

Until the weekend and things start looking up! Sundays look even better with a nice stack of protein pancakes, delish!

Mid – morning snack:

Usually this is simply a piece of fruit; apple, pear, kiwi or blueberries. A great morning snack is a piece of fruit with a tablespoon of peanut butter or any nut butter. Unfortunately, another item of food restricted in my house, as I could eat these nut butters by the jar. This would incorporate low energy carb from your fruit with protein and healthy fats from your nut butter.


The boring one for me. During the week it consists of homemade vegetable soup with tinned fish. (Click here for an amazing butternut squash soup) I don’t love tinned fish I eat it because it is convenient and it is full of Omega 3 and protein. If I am out of soup, the salad gets a turn. This is simply using up whatever is in the fridge. I make sure I have a good protein source of either; boiled eggs, smoked salmon or chicken. Usually with cottage cheese for extra protein and lots veggies for those low energy carbs.

It really doesn’t get too much more exciting that this I’m afraid!

Afternoon – snack:

Why can I not manage to get to dinner without something to graze on? If I am home I will usually put a small amount of greek yogurt into a bowl. Add a drizzle of honey, sometimes a few dates or maybe a small few nuts. Again this is whatever is in and on hand. I find dates are great for a sugar craving. They are not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you are going to give them a try make sure to get the medjool dates. They are far superior to any other type, both in flavour, texture and size. Warning though they are naturally sweet so will be high in energy, so go handy on them!!


This is the meal I try to vary each night. The main components of my dinner are the same each night; protein, low energy carbs and some high energy carb. My protein source will be; fish, chicken, mince or beans. I will incorporate low energy carbs with lots of veg usually with unlimited amounts of broccoli.  And this is where my high energy carbs will be consumed. Usually in the form of brown rice, sweet potato or if we have it in either sourdough or rye bread. I am well known to add a poached egg or two to any meal for extra protein to and extra yumminess!

These dins are usually accompanied with 1/2 cup brown rice or sweet potato for that all important energy.

After training snack:

This is my major area of weakness. I cannot seem to go to bed at night without a snack. Now I do strength train at night so I need a recovery meal. The ideal meal for me is a protein shake with an apple. However I cant resist either a couple of dates or a teaspoon of nut butter or possibly a corn cake. I know I need to work on this area and I am trying, so keep posted for news on that front!

Milo loves the look of this one! 1/2 apple, 1/2 pear, 4 slices banans, 1 tbsp. greek yogurt, cinnamon and that addictive 1 tsp peanut butter!!

So above is what I like to chop on after training but below is what I need to try to keep it at….


Remember no week is perfect. Things come up and things go wrong. I am simply trying to make small changes for the better, week by week. The aim; fuel my factory of cells so they can work at their most efficient for me, keeping me fit and healthy. If I ever get into that size 10 dress well that’s okay too!!!!

Milo & Me


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