Sunday, Funday, Cliff House Hotel, Waterford

The tagline on this blog is, ‘journeying towards a healthy lifestyle’ and that’s exactly what is happening. I am on this journey; it’s not easy and some weeks are more difficult than others. This week was a good week, my foods were good, I managed to stay away from the nut butters all week! My gym sessions went well, completing a WOD with all double-unders, only took 18 months of practice! So this weekend I am feeling good and celebrating my small little accomplishments.  But who is to say what next week will bring. I have a couple of occasions next week and it is these occasions that make things a little more challenging. But that is the reason I am following this 80:20 rule. It allows me to celebrate and enjoy myself without worrying about what is on my plate. So a couple of weeks back myself and the boys headed off on a day out. It was the weekend so I ordered what I fancied and enjoyed every mouthful.

The Cliff House Hotel in Waterford has been on the to- do list for as long as I can remember. I had heard lots about the hotel and about a beautiful walk that surrounded it. So the time had finally come. If it wasn’t for my #30before30 list it probably would never have happened, as the unnecessary things in life always seem to go on the back burner. I had to make sure I got there before my time ran out. Was it worth the wait??

Eagerly awaiting his walk!
Eagerly awaiting his walk!

A very cold Sunday morning, we bundled our pride and joy (Milo of course) into the car. We set off hoping for a Sunday well spent. We were not disappointed. I had never been to Ardmore, it is a sleepy little village surrounded by true beauty. Once we got there we were immediately struck by the views. We parked up at the hotel and took off on our 5k walk around the cliff.

It’s track is narrow so there wasn’t much room for me, my two men took the lead!

Happy Puppy
Happy Puppy

Serious views….

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Now for the more important issue of the food. Okay so it is definitely a treat. Depending on your disposable income of course! We went for the Sunday lunch option in the bar, looking out over Ardmore bay. On a freezing cold afternoon, it was perfect to be tucked up in the comfort of this beautiful hotel, while looking on approvingly at the howling winds.

Options for Sunday lunch include a two course option for €29.50 or a three course option for €32.50. Himself choose the three courses; mushroom soup, braised beef and cheesecake. While I opted for separates; mushroom soup, open crab sandwich and caramelised pistachio custard.

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All plates went back to the kitchen clean, which of course is the best compliment we could give to the chef . We had such a lovely day, came home and slouched on the couch for the afternoon. For me, the perfect funday Sunday.

If looking for somewhere new to visit, or if you want to really treat mum next weekend, give the Cliff House a try.

Milo & Me


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