What is Healthy Eating? Confused? I Usually Am!

When we think about the term ‘healthy eating’, we all know what this means don’t we? People throw the term around all the time, so we must. But one persons view of healthy eating is more often in complete contrast to the next. I had a conversation with a great friend of mine recently. She told me she was really happy with her week, as she was eating well. When I asked her what she was having she said; cornflakes for her breakfast and weekabix for her 10am tea break. While I don’t consider this to be healthy and certainly not nutritionally dense. My friend felt it was healthy, so why are our views so different? Because, we all have a starting point. For my bestie it was changing up her morning fry for cereal. For me, it was changing my morning oats to a green smoothies and eggs.

So what can we take from this. How about, no more big declarations; ‘I am not going to eat one bad thing for the whole week’. Lets be realistic, that is not going to happen. Instead lets start small. My friend made one small change and for her that in itself, is a success. If we want to succeed the changes or goals have to be small and attainable. If the goals are too big, we will inevitably fail and be grabbing that chocolate bar once more!! Lets all start making small changes, step by step and see where we end up. So back to my initial question. What is healthy eating? In my view it is simply making that one change that will impact your health in a positive way.


How many times have I stated the above, too many…never again!

Sometimes when going through this journey, there are times when I question myself and think why am I bothering. Is it really worth it. Was I happier back in the day when I was eating delish chocolate bars as and when I saw fit. When potatoes or chips filled most of my dinner plate. When hot chicken wraps with lashings of mayonnaises with a side (or bag!) of crisps made up my lunchbox. To answer this, I needed to consider how I feel now and compare it to how I felt 6 months ago. The truth is I feel fitter, lighter, more energetic, more positive. How annoying is that, because this way of eating takes more time, more thought and a more effort but in my view the pros far out weigh the cons.

By looking at these changes it has allowed me to see how far I have come. Below are some of these changes. Remember though, this is my journey. So if you eat chocolate bars every day and change one bar up for one piece of fruit, then you are working towards becoming a healthier version of you. And that is all you can do.

1. Breakfast

Cornflakes and toast, changed up for some egg or oats. Sundays we usually opt for some delicious protein pancakes.

New variation on breakfast, omlette wrap, filled with smoked salmon and feta
New variation on breakfast, omlette wrap, filled with smoked salmon, rocket and feta
Protein Pancakes
Protein Pancakes

2. Morning Snack

Chocolate bar out the window, hello juicy fresh fruit.

3. Lunch

Buy buy wraps and rolls, hello salad or soup.

Quinoa, Feta and Tomato Salad
Quinoa, Feta and Tomato Salad

4. Afternoon Snack

Starve myself until dinner, in favour of some hummus and carrots or oatcakes



Frozen chicken kievs with chips or waffles and beans (back in the college days!) to salmon/veg/brown rice etc

6. Night Time Snack

Old days of child friendly, sugar laden cornflakes or chocolate. Nowadays, protein shake with fruit or corncake with nut butter and berries or sometimes some dark chocolate.


Go forth, be healthy and enjoy every mouthful!!

Our boy is getting way too big!

Milo & Me


8 thoughts on “What is Healthy Eating? Confused? I Usually Am!

  1. Yes! Even my definition of healthy is different from my husband’s definition. It’s so hard to get on the same page some days. But little changes and educating ourselves have helped to make meal time easier.

    • Agreed Kim. Some days my partner will bring home low fat crisps etc assuming they are healthier and I will be delighted with them!!! I am working on educating him!!!

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