Your Taste Buds… Time to Awaken Them!

Recently I was on a school trip to Manchester in England for a soccer match. We IMG_0176sailed over and stayed for just one night. However as most know, once you leave the country, there is always someone eagerly awaiting your return for their pressie!! Well actually I never agreed with this mentality, after all it was only one night! However the previous weekend the bf went to London for work and surprised me with some new lifters. He is a good one!

Me being the amazing gf I am. On the boat home I realised I forget to buy him a gift in the Trafford shopping centre.  I frantically begged a collegue to run to the duty free, (I was unwell, rocky sailing) and pick me up some toblerone. (Reebok lifter = Tobelerone) close enough! When he came back he had purchased the DARK Chocolate Toblerone, what? Who buys the dark one? Well I wasn’t moving to exchange it, so I thought, it will have to do. After all its the thought that counts (this story is painting me in a very poor light, I do realise this!).

Even Milo is trying to get his paws on it!

When I got home I decided to crack it open to sample it, knowing unboubtly it would  be super bitter and heading for the bin. I was wrong. It was delicious. Rich, decatant, with of course the honey and almond nougat helping the experience! I had never enjoyed dark chocolate, so how was it that I liked this. I came to the conclusion that if you stay away from the sweet stuff for long enough, your taste buds adapt. Once you detox from the sugar, it allows for a whole new set of flavours to take over. After this I went out and purchased a few more dark chocolate options. Just to be sure! And I loved them all. The higher the % of chocolate the greater the health benefits for the body, but the more bitter you may find it. I find 75% is a winner, but I am working towards, 80% and 85%. However it is important to realise that although it has numerous health benefits it is also high in energy so should be consumed in moderation.


After this episode I started to think about other flavours I have got used to. Coconut is a flavour I always disliked. Due to a silly teenage event (my buddies will recall this event, better not to get into it here) that resulted in my distain for anything coconut in flavour or smell, it even went as far as not be able to use coconut shampoo! So when Lisa from Wellanicity offered me a taste of her coconut and blueberry ice – cream, I didn’t hold much hope. Turns out though I now love coconut. Especially coconut ice – cream! How amazing does this look. Check out the recipe in the link above.

Coconut & Blueberry Ice-Cream
Nobo ice-cream, Coconut & Chocolate flavour. A shop bought clean ice-cream alternative to wellanicity homemade version.

So what have I learned. Just because you grow up disliking a flavour does not mean you will stay like this forever. Why limit yourself to the same flavours day after day. Why not try new foods, not once, not twice but over and over again, give yourself the chance to learn to love it. Remember we are not born liking or disliking a food. We are simply influenced by our environment. If we see Dad turning up his nose at broccoli, how can we then expect a child to like it. If we associate sweets, chocolate and crisps, with rewards and parties, then of course the child will love these foods. We are the adults, we are the biggest point of influence for the future generation. So lets educate them well.

This week, why not tell yourself you are going to try one new food. Try, try and try again. Hopefully you will learn to love a food that is delicious and nutritious and your taste buds will thank you!!!


Milo & Me


6 thoughts on “Your Taste Buds… Time to Awaken Them!

  1. I had beetroot by accident among a roasted veggie dish I ordered and turns out it’s not that bad, so I believe in what you say, another great read Rach x

    • I’m with you on the beetroot hun. Only started eating it recently. It’s not that bad at all. Could definitely get used to it. It just needs a good recipe.

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