Learn to Love… Broccoli

On a healthy lifestyle journey sometimes you eat foods that you don’t necessarily love to eat but do so for your health. As you know I generally follow the 80:20 rule. Following this rule allows me to eat what I fancy for 20% of my time. On my 80% I eat foods that are highly nutritious but may need some help on flavour.  As I continue each week of this journey, I find I am enjoying these ‘broccoli type’ foods more and more. Mainly because I am revamping the old steamed broccoli into something more palatable.

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Alcohol, 5 reasons to give yourself a break!

IMG_1866Back in January, one of my first blog post was to commit to a set of New Year’s goals. Just like everyone else, I felt really bad after over indulging at Christmas and needed a serious detox. One of my New Year’s goals was to abstain from alcohol for three months. THREE MONTHS!! I know craziness, at least that’s what a lot of people told me. To be fair most people were actually supportive and encouraging but there were a few who literally could not understand why. So why did I do it? I wanted to challenge myself, to see if alcohol was a necessary part of my lifestyle or could I happily live without it. Below is a list of some of my benefits. You can decide if you think it was worth my while….Read More »

Prepin’ n Travellin’

One of my favourite pastimes when the cash flow is looking healthy is to head away to a nice hotel for a weekend. I am following an 80:20 rule, meaning I eat healthy for 80% of the time, generally from Monday to lunch time on Saturday. After that I don’t think about it and cook or order what I fancy. However I do find if I am away for a weekend, I need to be cautious. If I am not, I could easily eat my weight in chocolate, cakes and croissants. That breakfast buffet can be lethal! So I have learned to always be prepared, even when I am on my 20% ‘sometimes’ food, as wellanicity calls it. So I indulge in my main meals but try to snack on slightly healthier options.

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Training Tactics; for body and mind

Anyone who has grown up with me, knows that I have changed my lifestyle fairly substantially over the last couple of years. 1980360_10152192547528632_18559437_oI really had no level of fitness and just ate what and whenever I liked. I was never a fan of exercising. The only form of movement I did was horse riding. My horse obsessed Dad made sure I spent my childhood and into my teens, show jumping ponies. However next came college and with that came alcohol. So the horses fell  by the wayside and were unfortunately replaced by night long drinking sessions, day long hangovers and probably a stone in weight! Fast forward some years and I suppose I have matured. Priorities have changed. Alcohol has become less important and thankfully has been replaced with a healthier lifestyle.

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