Prepin’ n Travellin’

One of my favourite pastimes when the cash flow is looking healthy is to head away to a nice hotel for a weekend. I am following an 80:20 rule, meaning I eat healthy for 80% of the time, generally from Monday to lunch time on Saturday. After that I don’t think about it and cook or order what I fancy. However I do find if I am away for a weekend, I need to be cautious. If I am not, I could easily eat my weight in chocolate, cakes and croissants. That breakfast buffet can be lethal! So I have learned to always be prepared, even when I am on my 20% ‘sometimes’ food, as wellanicity calls it. So I indulge in my main meals but try to snack on slightly healthier options.

Within the last two months I have had two breaks away, one with friends to Brighton and one with work to Manchester. What I have learned is that it does not matter who you travel with. If you are the type to carry a bag with more food in it than make-up, they all come to the same conclusion ‘you are nuts’. However, when things are not looking so good and people are fading from the lack of food. Lets just say they seem to change their opinion fairly fast!

I don’t mind if people think I am nuts for doing this. Why would I, for me I have delicious, nutritious food at hand and it also means I don’t become ‘hangry’. A very common past occurrence. One of my best friends Emma, was telling me that she starts to feel panicked when hunger strikes and there is no food at hand. We were commenting on how crazy that was; living in todays world, there is always food close to hand. But still, why risk being in that panicked or hangry state. Instead lets just start filling those gorgeous huge bags we all carry around with something that will makes us feel good.

So below are some of the contents that you may find from time to time, floating around in my bag. And this is not just when I am away, this is daily, this is my ‘just incase’ food. This is also my ‘no need to stop at the shop for a bar of chocolate food’. Below is what I fished out of my bag today!


Other things may include:

  • Apples

  • Berries

  • Nuts

  • Hard boiled egg (dont care I love em!)

  • Corncakes

  • Ricecakes

  • Nakd Bars

  • Homemade energy balls

This is what my bag to England was filled with. It was a big hand bag!


For valentines weekend we stayed at a beautiful hotel in Cork, The Kingsley. I may have taken my food preppin’ to a different level of craziness. I was really looking forward to this weekend, as we were going  for afternoon tea and having dinner out that Saturday night.

However we were away for two nights so I was conscious of really over eating my ‘sometimes’ food. So I decided I would make a healthier version of a banoffee pie for our desert on the Friday night. This is Banoffee Pie from the Deliciously Ella blog. I really loved it. The other half had no choice but to love it too, which of course he did! Just to clarify we got room service the first night. I have yet to bring my own dessert out to dinner. Although I have brought my own over night oats to breakfast, so I may bring dessert some day soon!


This weekend I am heading away for a big weekend. I am fast tumbling towards my thirties. So me being me, ill do a little preppin’. Some snacks for the pre- drinks and some healthy options for breakfast. Depending on how I feel on the Sunday, I may be running for the fry but best to be prepared and have some options. Below are some clean chocolate brownies, caramel slices and flapjacks.

 IMG_450394540So the next time you are heading away, just have a think, maybe do a little preppin’. At least throw an apple into your bag. You will feel all the better for it, even if you end up like me and you need a wheelbarrow to carry your bag!

The Wholesome Nut


12 thoughts on “Prepin’ n Travellin’

  1. Great post, great pictures. You are so good with your prepping and bringing your snacks. Need to ensure I do this when I’m on the road. I tend to allow myself starve…

  2. You are my prepping goddess!! I was very glad of you organisation this weekend. I am thinking that with all this healthy eating everyone is embracing that the 60s Tupperware parties are sure to make a come back lol lovely post!

  3. Another leaf I should take out of your back, our road trips are always packed with crisps and chocolate because I feel ” we are on holidays”

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