Alcohol, 5 reasons to give yourself a break!

IMG_1866Back in January, one of my first blog post was to commit to a set of New Year’s goals. Just like everyone else, I felt really bad after over indulging at Christmas and needed a serious detox. One of my New Year’s goals was to abstain from alcohol for three months. THREE MONTHS!! I know craziness, at least that’s what a lot of people told me. To be fair most people were actually supportive and encouraging but there were a few who literally could not understand why. So why did I do it? I wanted to challenge myself, to see if alcohol was a necessary part of my lifestyle or could I happily live without it. Below is a list of some of my benefits. You can decide if you think it was worth my while….

  • I had seven days to my week instead of my usual six. My seventh day was usually spent stuck to the bed, with my head floating in a sea of depression. Wondering what I was doing with my life. Is there anything worse than the ‘fear’ on a Sunday night?
  • I really wanted to maximise this additional day in my week. So I really lived it. I went on mini adventures. I spent quality time with my family, boyfriend and Milo. We went for mountain walks, toured around castles, walked cliff tops, ate quality food. I made sure I did something interesting with every Sunday to maximise this gift of time!
  • Health? I certainly cannot state that there was a marked improvement in my health. For one thing, I did not drink huge quantities to start with, but it had a knock on effect. With every hangover came food. Lots and lots of yummy carbs, usually in the form of take – away pizza, Indians, fried food etc. So with no hangover the need for this guilt fuelled food fell away. Instead if we ate out it was in lovely restaurants with quality foods. Having this Sunday hangover free also gave me the time to get lots of healthy food preparation done for the following week, win, win!
  • It is an expensive game, especially here in Ireland. So I have definitely noticed a slightly thicker wallet. Meaning I have spent this excess cash on other non-essentials in life, like new clothes. But one thing is for sure, I know which will make me happier. The clothes or the hangover, which would you pick?
  • For me one of the major accomplishments was the satisfaction of reaching my goal. I have wanted to do this for so long but never thought I would be able to go out and socialise with my friends without drink. Below I am out for my friends birthday night and I had a great night. I have proven to myself that I can and I am proud of that. Setting a goal and reaching it is always a proud moment.



I can’t lie and say it was all plain sailing. In reality; nights out on the town without alcohol are just not as much fun. Tiredness hits my body early and I feel like granny yawning in the corner. The tiredness continues the next day due to the long night. The long night meant I was hungry when usually the drink would mask any need for food.

Where does this leave me now? Looking at my pros and cons list for drinking, in my opinion, the pros definitely out weight the cons. So will I give up drinking alcohol? NO WAY. Will I drink less often, YES! The new goal is to drink on occasion when I am in celebratory mode. Other than that, no drink means I feel better physically and mentally and who can argue with that!

If you are looking to improve your health or mind, please give it a go, I guarantee you will feel awesome for it.

Pics below Out N’ About on my Sundays…


The Wholesome Nut


10 thoughts on “Alcohol, 5 reasons to give yourself a break!

  1. Well done rachel three months of the drink was brillant good on ya. Waking up this morning with a fresh head is lovely

    • Thanks Lisa. Your so good at staying off the drink. Suppose your babies are a good reason to not be hungover. I had no reason to stay off it until I realised I didn’t actually like it that much anyway!!! X

  2. Well ta know my feelings on hangovers I’m pure allergic! Only prob is I eat the hangover food anyway haha! Well done missy three months is a great test! Usually ppl just do the one in January which doesn’t tell much as there usually isn’t loads of occasions whereas with the three months you had so many challenges!! Good woman great going!! 🙂 I’m already looking over ur prep post to help me this week 🙂 inspiring lady!

  3. That’s a great achievement Rachel, sticking to your goals and reaching them is such a wonderful feeling. I too, feel I have more control over my drinking habits since doing the 6 week nutrition program in the gym, now I do still drink a lot when I go out, but I find I can choose whether or not I have a mad one, or if I enjoy a few sociables of an evening! I think, to do what you did every so often can only do you good! Congrats again!

  4. […] 5. Avoid alcohol. An obvious one. For me alcohol has taken a complete back seat in my life. I am currently only drinking alcohol on special occasions. The main reason being the complete food binge I go on the day after and possibly the day after that. I find it really hard to get back on track after alcohol and so have felt so much better since reducing it. Also because I am going on my holidays I will probably have a few, so I am choosing to give myself a break now. I have a full blog post on alcohol here. […]

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