Learn to Love… Broccoli

On a healthy lifestyle journey sometimes you eat foods that you don’t necessarily love to eat but do so for your health. As you know I generally follow the 80:20 rule. Following this rule allows me to eat what I fancy for 20% of my time. On my 80% I eat foods that are highly nutritious but may need some help on flavour.  As I continue each week of this journey, I find I am enjoying these ‘broccoli type’ foods more and more. Mainly because I am revamping the old steamed broccoli into something more palatable.

But why bother? Why is it so important to eat broccoli anyway…

Diet Aid – Broccoli aids digestion, prevents constipation, maintains low blood sugar, and curbs overeating. A cup of broccoli has as much protein as a cup of rice or corn with half the calories (need we say more!)

Vitamin K – essential for the functioning of many proteins involved in blood clotting

Vitamin C – builds collagen, which forms body tissue and bone, and helps cuts and wounds heal. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and protects the body from damaging free radicals (in other words, we wont age as fast!)

Fiber – diets high in fiber promote digestive health (bye bye toilet issues!).

Potassium – a mineral and electrolyte that is essential for the function of nerves and heart contraction.

Folate – is necessary for the production and maintenance of new cells in the body.

Cancer Prevention – Broccoli shares these cancer fighting, immune boosting properties with other cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and cabbage.

Cholesterol Reduction – Like many whole foods, broccoli is packed with soluble fibre that draws cholesterol out of your body.

Bone Health – Broccoli contains high levels of both calcium and vitamin K, both of which are important for bone health and prevention of osteoporosis.

Below are some of the ways I have been enjoying broccoli lately. These recipes are encouraging me to eat more and more of the good stuff. I decided I would share with you a few of the tried and tested favourites in my kitchen.

Brocolli with a tahini dressing – Deliciously Ella

Adding some toasted nuts to any dish is a winner for me. Great way to incorporate those essential healthy fats.


Broccoli Slaw – Domestic Geek

Or check out her amazing you tube channel for tons of amazing recipes.


Broccoli and Avacado Salad –  Delciously Ella. Full recipe here.

1. Ingredients ready…


2. Brocolli Chopped


3. Ready to eat….


Asian Broccoli Salad ‘The Happy Pear’ twins in Wicklow.

Who I was lucky enough to meet and score some seriously good free desserts from!

1. Recipe ready


2. Ingredients set

IMG_4514212973. The final product


Add some wholemeal toast and a soft poached egg and you have  a balanced meal.

These dishes where so tasty. I am always researching new and interesting ways to incorporate the cheap and nutritious good old fashioned veggies. Check out the above links for lots more healthy and nutritious recipes.

So why do I eat these foods? I eat this way because I know these foods will work well for my body. Their micronutrients work like mini machines inside each cell in the body, preventing the body from chronic illness. Choosing these options now, you are preventing illness in your future. Illnesses such as cholesterol, blood pressure, obesity, diabetes to mention but a few. Chronic illness are fully preventable, we are in control of them. We need to be more accountable for the choices we make as it is our actions and choices now that will decide the health of our future.

Therefore to sum up, choose wisely now so that you will live a long and healthy life. Remembering of course you can always eat the cake, just make sure to eat more of the broccoli!

The Wholesome Nut


6 thoughts on “Learn to Love… Broccoli

  1. Great!!! Ok for you (and me) I’m gonna step it up next week on my healthy eating and include the broccoli!!! I’ve only really ever steamed it so time to branch out. Random fact… I once did a 7ft painting in charcoal of a broccoli…..

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