Never Fear the Fat

IMG_0475I am finally going to move away from my ramblings on sugar for a while, I am starting to bore myself! This week my aim is to try and dispel the myth that fat is the root of all evil. There are different types of fat and they all have a place in the functioning of the body. So the purpose of this post is to explain the difference between the three. Hopefully without getting too scientific we will learn to embrace the fat!!Read More »


5 Snack Options, Shopping Local

Now that we are all detoxified from sugar, due to my last two posts!!! I thought it would be a good time to talk about a few handy snacks for in between meals. I am a huge fan of snacking. I usually eat my three meals and two if not three snacks daily. Maybe its psychological or simply a habit. IMG_2614But I don’t seem to survive one meal to the next without a snack. Snacking is important as it can help to maintain you blood sugar levels throughout the day. If you plan your snacks into your daily meals, you are less likely to  grab a chocolate bar when you are in starvation mode!! By snacking you will never get to this point. Because I snack I need to ensure I do so wisely. I generally choose, fruits with nut butters, yogurt, dates, nuts, or have something home made like my energy balls, flapjacks, raw brownies etc. All these foods are natural and nutritious.Read More »

Your favourite snacks, the reality…

IMG_2522Last week I attempted to convince people to swap refined or added sugar for more natural alternatives. This week just incase I failed to convince a few out there. This is yet another attempt!Read More »

Sugar, 4 ways to naturally sweeten us up!

This week I want to spend some time giving my view on the complex issue of eating this delightful feel good food. IMG_2413A few years ago the media had a major issue with fat, telling us it was evil and avoid it at all cost. Now the coin seems to have flipped and they are more concerned with sugar. It can all get very confusing. Lets start at the beginning…

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Sleep, just a time machine to breakfast

I absolutely adore breakfast. I was never one of those kids who skipped breakfast. I could never understand how people IMG_0471could last until 11am before eating. My stomach would be turning inside out. So what did I fuel myself with to promote energy and concentration as a teenager? The obvious; sugar laden cereals, white toast, or if it was an occasions those chocolaty cereal delights. Just what the body and mind needs to fuel it for a busy day, sugar, sugar and more sugar! Although I thought I was doing well by having a breakfast. In reality this ‘crap’ I filled myself with had one function, it was a quick energy fix. Raising my blood sugars to plummet them right back down, so by 11am I was famished again. So more sugar was needed, and what is the best sugar fix, chocolate of course. Unknown to myself I was on a continuous sugar rollercoaster of highs and lows all day long.Read More »