Sleep, just a time machine to breakfast

I absolutely adore breakfast. I was never one of those kids who skipped breakfast. I could never understand how people IMG_0471could last until 11am before eating. My stomach would be turning inside out. So what did I fuel myself with to promote energy and concentration as a teenager? The obvious; sugar laden cereals, white toast, or if it was an occasions those chocolaty cereal delights. Just what the body and mind needs to fuel it for a busy day, sugar, sugar and more sugar! Although I thought I was doing well by having a breakfast. In reality this ‘crap’ I filled myself with had one function, it was a quick energy fix. Raising my blood sugars to plummet them right back down, so by 11am I was famished again. So more sugar was needed, and what is the best sugar fix, chocolate of course. Unknown to myself I was on a continuous sugar rollercoaster of highs and lows all day long.

It is only now as an adult educating myself more and more on food that I fully understand what I was doing to my body. Now thankfully I see the importance of a nutritious breakfast. Breakfast helps improve energy levels, kickstarts the bodies metabolism, meaning we are ready to start burning energy, it is fantastic for brain health and fights mid morning sugar cravings (assuming of course your breakfast isn’t itself full of sugar!). To help you feel amazing in the mornings I am going to share some of the best nutritious breakfast options. If you are like the old me still eating cereals and toast. I am hoping these might convince you make a few changes.

Option 1

Chia Pudding

A couple of years ago I had never heard of this stuff, now it is a staple in my kitchen. It is a great lighter breakfast option. You can buy chia seeds in all supermarkets in Ireland now, Aldi have them at a great price. It is so simple to make. I don’t follow a recipe but if you feel you work better to a recipe, I have linked a couple below. My method; put two tablespoons of the chia seeds into a bowl or mason jar, add about a cup of almond milk.(regular milk will work just as well), add any flavourings you like some vanilla essence or cinnamon is good. Pop it into the fridge overnight and its ready the next day. I usually add some berries and some honey on top to make it even more flavoursome. This breakfast is packed full of omega 3 healthy essential fats for brain health along with protein to keep the body full.

Some more recipe options here another one here.

Option 2

Eggs of course

There is nothing better for you in the morning than to pack yourself up with a complete protein, such as eggs. That egg white is gold in terms of protein. And its this protein that will keep you full up for longer. The possibilities with these eggs are endless. I used to be a poahed egg fanatic but recently I have been veering towards the omelette or scrambled version more and more. If you feel eggs are too heavy in the morning how about putting the bread away and instead serving them on a bed of spinach with some smoked salmon. Just like I have done below.


Option 3


What is not to love about a good pancake. I am not talking about the amazing American thick pancakes or the sweet French crepe, drool just thinking about them. But these healthy breakfast versions are a fantastic alternative. I love them so much that often they will be a weekend lunch or even a dinner on occasion. They are so many versions. My favourite lately are wellanicitys cottage cheese pancakes. So simple, for two people; add 50 grams oats, 100grams of cottage cheese, 2 eggs and 1 teaspoon cinnamon. Mix well and fry in some coconut oil. As usual top with any number of tasty toppings, berries, fage greek yogurt, maple syrup, honey, peanut butter…..the list is endless.


Another favourite is greek yogurt pancakes. Recipe here.

Protein Pancakes

Option 4


I have left best for last. Yes it is the decedent, fulfilling, comforting nourishing and very nutritious bowl of oats. I am going to make a statement here that many may not agree with. In my opinion if you find oats thick, gloopy or boring. The problem is you are just not making them right. Honestly I could eat this stuff for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I didn’t need to worry about other essential nutrients. The key is to add plenty of liquid, I usually use half water and half almond milk and even better to let them soak in the liquid over night. This will allow the oats plump up and go even further. These are the king of breakfast cereal. They are one of the best forms of healthy carbohydrates. They wont spike your sugar levels unlike other cereal options and will allow you remain full for longer.

Go plain with some honey.


Better still add some extra flavourings. Almond butter is my absolute favourite.


Go mad and try something different like Wellanicity baked porridge. Recipe for this and a few more options on her blog here.


Or finally if you don’t even have time in the morning to eat, let alone make breakfast. Simply make some overnight oats and have them cold the next morning, perfect, especially in summer time when you might not be in the mood for a hot breakfast.


As the saying goes. Eat like a King for breakfast, a Queen for lunch and a Servant for dinner. So go on, get your breakfast on!

Happy Eating

The Wholesome Nut


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