What is the right diet for you?

Figuring out what diet to follow can be confusing, there are so many different diet and lifestyle plans out there, who knows what to believe or put our trust in. Often most are conflicting e.g. low carb, high carb, high fat, point counting, calorie counting, sins, paleo, vegan etc. Experts have found methods that have worked for them, they promote this diet in a hope it will work well for others. However often they don’t work for us and we feel we have failed. So we jump from one diet to the other looking for that perfect fit. But why does it not work for us? Probably because most of us are looking for a quick fix, which does not exist. I have learned from experience it takes consistency and this consistency needs to become a lifestyle. It is not for 2 weeks, 6 weeks or even 12 weeks. If you want to maintain your weight or you want to feel and look awesome all year long, then you must find what works for you and be consistent. (Side note – if it is only weight loss you are after, well then ultimately all you need is to be in calorie deficit. It does not matter if you are vegan or paleo or clean eating. If you are not in a calorie deficit you will never lose weight.)Read More »


5 ways to feel awesome….before your holidays!!!

I have three weeks to go before I head off on my holidays, Bali baby here I come! While the ultimate goal is of course to have an amazing beach bod with a six pack peeking through. I unfortunately was not blessed with the genes for a natural lean body nor am I willing to live on chicken and broccoli in order to gain that six pack. I enjoy my food way too much. So while I may not have Elle Macphersons body in three weeks or ever for that matter! There is nothing stopping me feeling my absolute best. If I am feeling fit, healthy, glowing and I have the confidence to go with it, well then who needs that six pack after all! Feeling the best you can possibly feel has to be one of the best feelings in the world.Read More »

Learn to Love… Avocado

Last week I spoke about all the amazing fats and how important they are in our diet. Provided of course we stick to ‘real’ fats and avoid the trans fats. Just like I have learned to love broccoli (learn to love broccoli post here). I have also learned to, not just love, but adore the most delicious healthy fat of all, the avocado. Why did I bother? Because I know both broccoli and avocado are both amazing for optimising health. Up until maybe three years ago I could not pick an avocado out of a line up. Now I use it almost every day. It is so versatile, so nutritious and so tasty, definitely a good one to learn to love.Read More »