5 ways to feel awesome….before your holidays!!!

I have three weeks to go before I head off on my holidays, Bali baby here I come! While the ultimate goal is of course to have an amazing beach bod with a six pack peeking through. I unfortunately was not blessed with the genes for a natural lean body nor am I willing to live on chicken and broccoli in order to gain that six pack. I enjoy my food way too much. So while I may not have Elle Macphersons body in three weeks or ever for that matter! There is nothing stopping me feeling my absolute best. If I am feeling fit, healthy, glowing and I have the confidence to go with it, well then who needs that six pack after all! Feeling the best you can possibly feel has to be one of the best feelings in the world.

1. Increase water consumption. At this stage I am sure everyone knows the importance of water. We are continuously told to drink more water. While I try to drink 2 litres a day, and more when I am training, some days this just does not happen. So to kick start my day, I have been drinking a pint of water first thing, before I brush my teeth or get dressed. First task is to get to the sink and not move until at least 1 pint of water is gone. If you can drink a litre, even better. This is really helping boost my water intake for the day.

2. Increase fruit and vegetable intake. Another one we all know. However if you want that glowing skin for your holidays you need to get that fruit and especially that veg in. I love fruit and veg and have no problem getting lots into my diet, but if you feel you may not be getting enough in, get busy making smoothies or juices. At the moment to increase my fruit and veg further I am making sure I have a juice or a smoothie daily. Personally I prefer smoothies as you are taking in all the fibre, if you juice you are extracting all the fibre. But juicing is great too as your body easily digests all the vitamins and minerals. I am doing a combination at the moment, but whichever you prefer go with. Get the micronutrient goodness into you either way!

Summer and fruit, yum.


Which would you choose, a green smoothie or a red juice? Both bursting with goodness.


3. Check your carbs. Some people work well with lots of carbs, some don’t. It really depends on body type. Personally I don’t, I tend to feel bloated and lethargic after a heavy carb meal. However carbs are completely essential, especially if you train/exercise. They are necessary to build that muscle and help us get stronger!! Therefore choose wisely, oats, sweet potato, brown rice, and quinoa. The good carbs, that won’t affect your blood sugar levels, won’t bloat you and won’t leave you feeling tired.


4. Ratio of food. Use the ratio plate to make sure you are eating the correct portion of each food type. It is so easy to fill the plate with pasta and then top it will some sauce. This will not help you feel amazing for your up coming holiday. Take a look at your dinner plate tonight. Is half filled with veg or salad? Is quarter filled with protein and the other quarter filled with carbs? Following this rule will make sure you are filling up on vegetables (for amazing holiday skin) while still taking in protein (keeping you full and repairing muscle), and carbs (giving you energy and building muscle). Make sure you have some healthy fats too, oily fish, avocado, seeds, olive oil etc. If you are not sure about healthy fats, just check out my recent post here.

5. Avoid alcohol. An obvious one. For me alcohol has taken a complete back seat in my life. I am currently only drinking alcohol on special occasions. The main reason being the complete food binge I go on the day after and possibly the day after that. I find it really hard to get back on track after alcohol and so have felt so much better since reducing it. Also because I am going on my holidays I will probably have a few, so I am choosing to give myself a break now. I have a full blog post on alcohol here.

Tea or Champers, not always easy to make the better choice. I choose the tea on this occasion.


So these are the 5 simple steps I am following to help me feel totally awesome when I board that plane. Now just to not over indulge too much on holidays. While I hope not to come back double my size! I do plan on enjoying myself, eating lots of clean and delicious food, with a couple of treats thrown in, it would be rude not too!!

Happy Holidays

The Wholesome Nut


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