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A week ago I went to visit my aunt and uncle out in the countryside. When I was small I used to go on my summer holidays for a couple of weeks out to their farm. So every summer my parents got to regain some peace while I tormented others. Now I say my summer holidays as if I was off to the countryside in the south of France. In fact my aunt lives about 2 miles from my own house, but this was the late 80s and into the 90s. Had package holidays taken off by then? Probably, but not in my world. Holidays were two weeks two miles out the road! But I remember I loved this part of my summer. When I look back and wonder what was so great about it, a few simple things come to mind. The weather for one, the bicycle shorts came out in May and didn’t go away until September. The freedom, we would take off in the morning and only return when hunger hit us. Bringing me nicely to the best reason of all, the food. Read More »


Bali – the people, the place, the food

IMG_3123This week I thought I would share a small in-sight into my recent trip to Bali. If considering going to Bali this may be useful or if looking for somewhere exotic to visit  in the future, this may be of some help. One of the reasons I love to travel is I love to see how others live. I wouldn’t say I am nosey. In fact I am far from it, there could be a riot going on outside my front door and I wouldn’t bat an eyelid. What I am much more interested in, is how people I don’t know live. How they go about their daily lives and how different it might be to how I live mine. So when in Bali my two priorities were; discover the people and of course the food. Read More »

Healthy Brownie Treats

3 star luxury in Bali

Hi everyone, I am finally back from holidays and back to reality. I had the most amazing time. Escaped from the hustle and bustle of life and really got time to chill out, de stress and reflect. All of which are so important when looking for balance in life.Read More »