Healthy pancakes… two ways

20150812_192339_resizedI love pancakes, all types. Most people I know seem to prefer the French crepe. But me, I love the light fluffy American style. But I am not fussy, if someone will make me pancakes, I’ll take either any time. Spread mine with a thick layer of Nutella, sprinkled with some chopped nuts, a dollop of honey or a side of berries. Really the list of seriously tasty toppings is endless. Unfortunately neither of the above pancakes are in line with my recent food philosophy. Changing to a whole clean diet means waving goodbye to flour and sugar filled pancakes (unless I am actually in France or America, then an exception will be made!). Instead I have learned how to incorporate healthier versions into my diet.Read More »


Lost your mojo? How I got mine back

My story

Downtime with coffee
Finding balance with coffee!

Recently something terrifying happened to me. Maybe a slight over exaggeration, however I did find myself in a dark hole. Struggling to dig my way out and get myself together. In the past few years I have become the type of person who cannot stop going. Constant to – do lists. Continuous training or studying or working. Even on a Saturday night when ‘chilling’ at home I am wondering what I could be doing to maximise my time. And I feel bad for sitting around doing nothing. I was recently told by a friend, I was not to get out of my PJs until at least 10am on a Sunday morning. It was a serious struggle to do this as I had things to get done and I needed to be in clothes to do them! This simple task should not be a struggle. Another time I was told I was to watch the full of ‘Sunday Brunch’ before I moved. Another serious struggle as it doesn’t end until 12:30pm. I could have half a day’s work done by then!Read More »