Setting and Reaching Goals – the formula to success…


I have been slightly absent from the blog over the last number of months. Being lucky enough to have the summer off allowed me the time to do more of what I love to do – blogging. But life must resume as normal and therefore priorities must change. Unfortunately the job that pays the bills must take precedent over all else.


Lately while trying to balance everything I think I was getting slightly lost. Trying to figure out where I was going with my life and what goals I am aiming for? I analyse every baby step I take. Asking is this the right step for me? Should I change my course of action? Should I keep going? How can I improve? A couple of months ago while all of this fuzziness was going on in my head, a facebook feed popped up from the amazing and very inspirational Pat Divilly. He was hosting a one day seminar on ‘success’. Now that is what Wellanicity would describe as synchronicity! So I jumped on the bandwagon in the hope that I would gain some clarity on my future.

Pat Divilly – a regular guy who has set huge goals for himself and will stop at nothing to achieve them

Pat Divilly

Today I am going to give you the most empowering points I took from Pats seminar. These are the steps I am moving forward with in the hope of improving all aspects of my life.

  • Goal setting is not just for weight or fitness. You must set goals for every element of your life. Including your relationships, career, personal development, fun, family, friends, physical environment, health and well-being and contributions. There is not much point in looking after your health – losing two stone but being very unhappy in your relationship. Losing the weight alone will not create happiness.
  • Get clarity for your goals. Sit down and spend time thinking about each area of your life and pick a clear goal for each aspect. I will go on more dates with my husband – this is not a goal. We will go on a date once every two weeks on a Saturday night – this is a goal. ‘A goal without a date is just a dream’.
  • Your why should make you cry’. Your why is the biggest pushing factor to keep you focused. You must peel away at the onion to try and figure out why it is so important for you to reach this goal. I want to open a gym, why? So I can make money – this is not a big enough why. Because my parents are both obese, they now have chronic illness. I too was obese as a child and was bullied. I want to improve the lives of others and help young people grow up with more confidence and self-esteem – this is a big enough why!
  • The breaks. Things will go wrong. Pre-empt them and figure out a solution, so you force yourself to keep on going to reach your goal.
  • Chunking. For every goal you make, break it into 5 mini steps that will help you reach this goal. This makes it an easier and less daunting process.
  • Support. Everything is easier to do with people to help you. You want to open a bakery. Speak to someone who runs a successful bakery and get advice. You want to run a 10k, get a running buddy.
  • Your next step. Take a baby step every day. Buy a journal. Each night, write down one action step for the next day that will help you reach your goals.


My Why?

I am in the process of figuring out a goal for each element of my life. It is a journey and will take time but I feel it is important to look after all aspects of your life, if you are to be truly happy.

Only 3% of the population in Ireland will attend some sort of seminar where they spend time working on themselves. That means in this country 97% of us go through our lives just living. Never reflecting, changing, improving, goal setting, aspiring or achieving greatness. Why does the cabin crew ask us to look after ourselves first? So we can take better care of those around us. Therefore to ensure you can look after others you must first be in optimum shape, both body and mind.


Why not finish out 2015 with a bang. You probably set yourself some goals back in January and possibly never achieved them. But the year is not over yet, there is still time. Use the above as a guide to make sure you fill the last couple of months of 2015 with greatness!

Have a great week everyone

The Wholesome Nut x


10 thoughts on “Setting and Reaching Goals – the formula to success…

  1. So happy that synchronicity is now part of your natural vocabulary and that it now owns you up & Spurs you on to take up opportunities that you may not have paid attention to before.

    Well done on a great post x

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