Inspirational people; who inspires you?

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As some of you may have seen from my Instagram or facebook page. Last weekend I attended the wellness workshop, CHANGE in Galway. I was so inspired by these speakers, I thought it might be good to share some of what they had to say. The day brought with it a variety of speakers and activities. Kathie Stritch a personal trainer, gave a nice warm up session to get us ready and energised for the day ahead. We then heard from Gerry Duffy, the man who ran 32 marathons in 32 days, yes he actually did this, how crazy is that. On 12th December I am participating in a 10km race in the Phoenix park for aware. I am seriously worried about it, mainly because I am not training for it! However if doubts creep in, all I need do is think about this man. If he managed 32 marathons in 32 days, surely I can manage a 10km jog around a park!. He is now a corporate motivational speaker, business mentor and author. Next up was the beautiful Roz Purcell who demonstrated some delicious and very simple tasty treats. Stay tuned for my version of them coming soon! We wrapped up the day with Alan Quinlan who spoke about mental health. His personal struggles and gave advice on coping mechanisms.

I often find after these events I need a few days to really digest all that has been said. Like any speech or lecture I forget most of it, but hopefully the most important parts latch onto my brain!. So today I am going to tell you the most important aspect I took from the day and hope to implement into my own life. This message came from Gerry Duffy.

He said; we all have dreams, goals and wishes. In order for us to increase the chance of reaching these goals, there are 6 type of people we must surround ourselves with.

  1. People with skills beyond our own. If we want to open a new business. We must work with someone who already has this skill of running a successful business. If you want to lose 3 stone, you must spend time with a trainer, a nutritionist or both. Spend time with those you can learn from.
  2. People who hold you accountable. You tell yourself you will get up at 6am and go running, but when you wake you can hear the wind outside. What do you do? Most will roll over. Having a strong willed running buddy, who will drag you out of the bed in the morning is a great way to ensure success. You decide you want to write a blog about fashion but year after year it goes onto your new years resolution list. Telling someone who will not let you forget your commitment and will put the pressure on you. Someone who will help you push aside the self-doubt and encourage you to just do it.
  3. People who will always tell you the truth. Although somethings can be hard to hear, this is so important. Often I find myself so indulged in my own thoughts and my own life that I forget about others. Only this week I was given a little slap on the wrist by my very best friend and it was exactly what I needed. Although my actions were unintentional, they were noticed and I needed to be told. She told me the truth and I was grateful. I remember being 16 years old and heading out on Saturday nights, my mother would tell me straight out if an outfit was nice or awful on me. Which of course I hated. However my friend’s mum, no matter how horrendous she looked, would be told she was a vision!! So eventually to get an accurate opinion she would have to pop over to my house to be told the truth. While I of course would want to pop over to her house for a quick confidence boost. When trying to reach goals in life, we need someone to tell us we are making the wrong decision or to reconsider an element of our goal. We need someone in our lives to tell us we aren’t perfect. While no one like criticism, failure is worse.
  4. People who inspire you. I think we sometimes do this without even realising it. You want to be the best mum in the world, therefore you spend time with your mum. You want to be an artist, you go to art college and make new friends, hopefully ones who will inspire you. You want to be a personal trainer, you go to the gym, watch them, see how they work. You want to be a great writer, you read all the great books.
  5. People who think and operate at a level you wish to think and operate at. You want to be the manager of your company. You need to spend time with people in managerial roles. You want to be a soccar coach, spend time and learn from them. Learn how they think, how they act, how they influence and work with others.
  6. YOURSELF. Alone time is one of the most important ways to help you reach your goals. It gives you the breathing space to think and visualise these goals. To be proactive and put practical steps in place to help you attain them. According to Gerry Duffy, spend a day or two a year to set out and design your goals (usually 1st or 2nd of January). Then just 15 to 20 minutes every week, thinking and planning on how you will reach them. I love alone time, so sounds perfect to me.
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According to Paul Mc Kenna, author of ‘3 things that will change your destiny’. There are three types of people in this world. You can be the Christmas tree decoration, the orange or the rubber ball. Who do you want to be?

Well, the Christmas tree decoration will not even dare to act on their dreams in case they fall and crack. The orange will try but at the sight of difficultly or critism will bruise deeply on the inside and eventually quit. The rubber ball on the other hand will bounce back after every single put down or rejection. Stopping at nothing.

Did you know that Walt Disney was rejected a loan to build his now world famous amusement park Disney Land, not once, or ten times. He went to, wait for it… 302 banks before he got a loan. Be that rubber ball, keep bouncing back, and never give up.

bounce back

Have a great weekend

The Wholesome Nut x


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