4 ways to Self – Care

Time to reflect. What do most of us do in January? Make a big long list of New Year resolutions and goals. I am not drinking ever again! I am building a six pack! While I am all for setting goals, this year I decided to change tact. I started this blog last year as part of my set of New Year resolutions. As a way of staying accountable for my ‘healthier lifestyle’ and it has been an amazing tool for me.

I love to make realistic goals that I can achieve and feel fantastic for. However after last year’s goals and the workload I gave myself to achieve these goals. I decided this year I would reflect on 2015 and identify areas of my life that need to be tweaked, and could be tweaked in an effortless way. Making the process more enjoyable with less pressure.

Last year I spent my time focusing on my health and on my education. I spent the year really working on eating well and training, in order to feel well. Obviously I wasn’t perfect, but I didn’t set out to be. All I wanted to do, was improve and this I definitely accomplished. Training and eating well are simply part of my lifestyle a year later. I do both without any thought. This along with going back to study meant I gave a great amount of time and effort to these areas of my life.

This year, it is time to move forward and work on new areas. To do this, I broke my life into a series of sections. These included; education, finance, career, friendship, family, fun, relationships, health and well-being. I identified which areas I was happy with and which areas I felt needed work. This took some time and serious thought. I have a couple of areas that I intend working on during the year. However the one I intend to work on with immediate effect; relationships.

On thinking about relationships. I feel that the biggest and most important relationship I have at the moment is with myself. Therefore I am going to take some time to focus solely on me (selfish maybe!). This involves some ‘self-care’. I have made a list of ‘self-care’ activities that I plan on implementing into my life over the coming months. These include some easy achievable steps. Steps that I hope a year later will simply be part of my everyday life. This is my list;

  • Meditate. I know this sounds silly to most. But every article, blog post or book I read talks about the positive effect meditation can have. Both on mental health and overall well-being. They can’t all be wrong. So I figure 5 minutes a day, morning or night meditation can easily fit into my life.
Perfect scene to meditate too. Back to Bali please!
  • Un – plug. Ok I love social media as much as everyone else. However the time has come where I have realised,  life is passing me by as my head is in the phone. So there must be a limit. My limit is now set to 9pm each night. After all what is more important, a good nights sleep or following the edited lives of people I will never know. It is time to un – plug.
  • Be present. I am all about spending time with friends. There is nothing I enjoy more than meeting up for a coffee, lunch or a walk. While doing this, I want to be more present. To actually be there. Fully present, with eyes and ears fully alert, without the phone by my side. This may be difficult but I am really going to try and be more present and spend quality time with others. A quick foodie pic for Instagram is ok, but after that, the phone gets packed away.
Coffee with friends. I like to get there early for some people watching time!
  • Do more of what I enjoy. I find so many times in life I do things as I feel it is expected of me. Or I have told myself I should do something. Therefore placing high expectations on myself. For example, I love to go to the gym, some days I may not have the time or may not want to be bothered. However I will always force myself. I want to be able to stop and think. Do I want to go? If the answer is no, then be ok with not going. Ask myself what I would like to do instead and go do that. After all what is the point pushing and pushing myself in the gym if at the end of the day my mind is stressed from rushing. Or my body is tired from the 6:30am gym sessions. Balance is everything. So listen to what my body actually wants and go do that, without guilt!
Having fun without guilt!


That’s it, my aims or goals for 2016. What do we have if we don’t have some self – care? I am hoping this self – care will bring more balance, awareness, mindfulness and happiness to my 2016.Will they? Well I suppose I will find out in a years time!

The Wholesome Nut X


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