Bring back the Irish Spud!

Where has the good old fashioned Irish spud gone?

Field of Tipperary Potatoes

It seems that most people are latching onto the latest food trend, the sweet potato. Why? Well some claim it to be a superfood. A superfood is any food that has a large quantity of nutrients. Generally though once labelled a superfood, you are charged twice the price. When in reality an apple can be defined as a superfood, as it too is packed full of goodness. Currently we are bombarded by the food and fitness industry with the sweet potato, its nutritional benefits and hundreds of interesting dishes we can make using it. And I like others, followed the trend and left the spud well behind in my childhood.  So is the sweet potato better for us or can we bring back the spud! Well let’s take a look…Read More »


What brings you happiness?

IMG-20160312-WA0000 (2)
Milo & Cake; happiness!

Recently I have been thinking more and more about this question. Very often in my life, I am consumed with the need to purchase ‘stuff’ in the hope that these items will bring me happiness or some form of contentment. From; clothing, jewellery, make up, shoes, along with of course the bigger necessities in life; a car, a home etc. Sometimes when I look around I think that other people have it ‘all’. And because of this, I feel, I need it all. But lately I have come to realise, all of these things or ‘stuff’ I continue to spend money on, are just that, ‘stuff’. They hold no real value, no real significance and will never bring me true happiness. So even if I do someday manage to have it ‘all’, will this bring me happiness?Read More »