What brings you happiness?

IMG-20160312-WA0000 (2)
Milo & Cake; happiness!

Recently I have been thinking more and more about this question. Very often in my life, I am consumed with the need to purchase ‘stuff’ in the hope that these items will bring me happiness or some form of contentment. From; clothing, jewellery, make up, shoes, along with of course the bigger necessities in life; a car, a home etc. Sometimes when I look around I think that other people have it ‘all’. And because of this, I feel, I need it all. But lately I have come to realise, all of these things or ‘stuff’ I continue to spend money on, are just that, ‘stuff’. They hold no real value, no real significance and will never bring me true happiness. So even if I do someday manage to have it ‘all’, will this bring me happiness?


Therefore I have now happily come to the conclusion that for me it is not possible to have it all, but thankfully I don’t need it ‘all’.

I now realise….

  • I do not need a brand new car (one with 4 wheels will do just fine).
  • I do not need all the clothes. My new mantra of buy less and wear more is in its initial phase, but so far it has saved me a few quid!
20160312_135052_resized (2)
How many pairs of jeans is enough to make me happy?
  • I do not need the latest I phone, I pad, I pod, I mac or whatever other ‘I’ that exist. Don’t they all do the same thing anyway?
  • I do not need 100 make up brushes. I am not a makeup artist, I could easily survive with a few. I also do not need 10 foundations and another 10 eye palettes. My 5 minute make-up routine every morning does not require that amount of product. As I ‘push on’ I am conveniently convinced, less is more on the face!!!
Snapchat-1340703999263700319 (2)
Will all of this satisfy me?


20160312_165509_resized (2)
Or can I be just as satisfied with this?
  •  I do not need 100 pairs of shoes. I wear the same five all the time anyway.
  • I do not need a huge house. I would rather fill a small house with beautiful things, than a huge house with nothing.

These are just a few examples of things I waste money on. But how do I know I do not need all of these things. Well I just started to ask myself one question. If I buy another pair of blue jeans, will I be happy?

Most valuable to me?

So lately I am trying to decide what means the most to me. Whatever it is, this is what I want to focus my money on.  After much deliberation and pondering over my love affair with shoes. I decided that for me, it really isn’t my painful heels. It is food. Simple as that. I choose to buy good quality, delicious and healthy ingredients. This to me is important. It is a passion and a hobby. It brings me happiness and so this is what I place my value on.

Below The Milk Market Limerick; this is what makes me truly happy.

20160312_121329_resized (2)

20160312_122250_resized (2)

IMG-20160312-WA0003_resized (2)
Healthy treats from The Nut Shed


Thankfully we are all different.

I am often told that it is so expensive to eat healthy. Or I get comments like, why would you spend money on that? Or, great for you, you can afford to buy the expensive food brands. I could never understand this. I remember thinking, what does it matter the cost when it comes to food? However what I am coming to realise is, we all put different value on the same thing. For me, my value is on food. For the next person it is might be clothes or technology or cars. For me what matters the most is that I am not sucked into the feeling that I want  what others need. And that having these goods will fulfil me in any way.

Do you need to have it all?

Ultimately it does not matter what we spend our money on. That is a personal decision. But I feel it is important that I realise, I don’t need to have it all. I decided what holds real value to me and that is what will bring me happiness. The rest of it, is just ‘stuff’ and no matter how much of it I buy, it will never impact my life in a positive way.

So why not have a think and let me know what it is that you place the most value on? Worry about that and let the rest float away.

Thanks for reading

The Wholesome Nut x

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10 thoughts on “What brings you happiness?

  1. Very interesting article. Personally, I’m not sure that true happiness is really an achievable goal, we will always have something on our mind that prevents what you might call “true happiness” but that is what makes us human, always wanting to strive for more. For me personally, it’s about being conscious of appreciating what I already have and not what i spend my money on (although having the latest gadget does help) the time I get to spend with Triona and Noah as a family are always the moments that will live the longest

    • Thanks Jay. I very much agree. True happiness will obviously never come from material objects thats for sure.Family, friends and puppies will always bring real happiness!!! I suppose I was getting the lines crossed thinking that purchasing objects would bring some level of contentment which of course would never happen. Thanks for reading.

  2. Well said Rachel.

    We absorb what’s around us from other people, from tv or magazines. It can change our thinking. But as you have pointed out thankfully we start thinking for ourselves.

    The best things in life are not things.

  3. There is so much clever advertising and science out there to get us to spend but you’re so right, we need to check in with our motivation to buy, a bit of questioning before spending really helps. I think it takes an awful lot more work to be happy than simply pulling out the bank card.

  4. Great, great piece and I couldn’t agree or empathise with you more!! Particularly food….I got into a stand up argument about using greengrocer, fishmonger, butcher and baker versus Aldi or Tesco….I’m prepared to spend as much as it takes on this quality stuff and more importantly the fact that it brings me into the world of these incredible people….Saturday morning for me is the pinnacle of a happy week and it is hanging out with these artisans first, buying their stuff second and cooking it third. Well said girl 🙂

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