What is your eating style?


Recently I read the book Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. It was recommended to me by a friend, who felt it really resonated with her. One particular part of the book I was intrigued by was the various eating styles people have. Not necessarily the ‘diet’ people follow, but more the how and when people eat their food. According to Tribole and Resch, there are 8 eating styles. Which will you be? They include the following……..

Eating styles

  • The careful eater. Often the health and fitness conscience person. This person appears to be the perfect eater. Consuming the exact amounts of nutrients needed to fuel their bodies. However they can worry over each and every mouthful of food, to the point where the enjoyment of food is destroyed.
  • The unconscious eater. This is the person who does not have a minute in their day to sit down and eat. They are on the go continuously and eat on the go. Therefore they are often unaware of how much they are eating. To eat while working is to be productive, for this eater.
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  • The chaotic unconscious eater. If the food is there they simply eat it, without thought. Often referred to as the ‘gulp n go’ eaters.
  • Refuse not unconscious eater. Biscuits left out on the coffee table, they eat them. Cream buns for a departing colleague, they eat them. No thought about their hunger or want or need for food. They never say no to some cake!
  • Waste not unconscious eater. This eater knows the price of each meal and is not willing to waste the food. To waste the food is to waste money.
  • Emotional unconscious eater. Stress, happiness, occasion, boredom, anxiety. Whatever emotion is felt, food will follow.
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  • Professional dieter. Always on a fad diet. Looking for the next quick fix diet on the market. Will pay any price and go to any and all length to reach their ‘skinny’ goal. They will never stop reaching for that magic pill. Still, after decades of dieting they heavier than ever before.
  • Intuitive eater. This eater makes food choices based on what their bodies need and on what they want. They honour their hunger. Honour their cravings. Stop when full. Most importantly they enjoy their food.


When thinking about my own eating style I considered the following. Do I eat it just because it is on the table, no. Do I eat it due to my emotion, no. Do I eat it to make sure it does not go to waste, no. Do I find I don’t have enough time to eat, no. Do I eat on the go, no.

Therefore I feel the only two that fit for me are, the careful eater and the intuitive eater. Most people who know me would possibly think I am the careful eater. I train hard and think about the foods I am eating. Therefore to an extent they are correct. However I adore chocolate way too much to be a consistent careful eater. I do not limit anything in my diet and when the time calls for it I will grab the cake as fast as the next person. So I cannot safely say I am one or the other. I would love to be the perfect intuitive eater. This person can listen to their body and mind and nourish it accordingly. This is the dream!

So now back to you. Which eating style are you?

If a plate of these cookies were in work at 11am tomorrow, what would you do?  Would you grab one and head back to your desk? Eat one so as not to  see it wasted? Pop two or even three before you have realised it? Think about the grams of fat or protein it would supply you with? Or be the intuitive eater and think am I hungry and do I want one?

2015-12-06 14.21.52


Now that I am a little more educated on these eating styles. I am going to try even harder to be a successful intuitive eater. Eat when hungry, stop when full, listen to what my body needs and enjoy my food. Sure that seems easy!!!

These cookies can be found on my Instagram here or why not come follow me on Snapchat username; burkerachel

Thanks for taking the time to read

The Wholesome Nut x





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