3 Snack Ideas for Kids

I am so passionate about health and nutrition, that it physically pains me when I see what teenagers at my school ‘nourish’ themselves with. They generally start the day with some form of fizzy pop along with sticky bars or sour sweets. Have they had a breakfast before this, who knows? Lunch tends to be white rolls filled with breaded ‘chicken’. (I’m sure you have seen the Irish documentary ‘What are we eating’ where the chicken fillet roll was outed for what it really is. Some episodes are still available on the RTE player here). Anyway if it’s not a chicken roll, its potato wedges, or white pasta with tomato sauce or sausage rolls. And if you look at all of these foods, what do they have in common? They are all white, highly processed, high in salts, with little or no nutritional value. And then we wonder why the students cannot focus or concentrate in class?Read More »