About Me


Hi everyone I’m Rachel. I am obsessed with all things blogs; food, fitness beauty to travel. I’ve always wanted to write my own blog but never had the courage. I’m taking the plunge into the unknown and hoping you will follow me.

My passions include, food, cooking and travel . My travel mainly consists of researching and finding the best places to eat in; from the smallest town in Ireland to the biggest cities in the world. I have been known to travel to Belfast, (the other end of the country) to eat in a café called Established Co. There Instagram looked incredible so I just had to check it out. Thankfully I have similar minded friends who join me on these crazy road trips!!!

I adore eateries that deliver delicious, healthy and innovative dishes. I believe we are changing our view about food and fitness seeing how they both physically and mentally impact us. So when I am out and about looking for somewhere to eat, I not only want but I expect to find spaces serving fresh, local, real food. Thankfully there are more and more eateries listening and delivering.

I blog about the trials, tribulations and triumphs that exist in everyday life while we try to live the healthy life we all want. I upload recipes that I believe to be both delicious, indulgent but most importantly homemade using healthy ingredients.

I really believe  in the philosophy ‘let food be thy medicine’. And so for the most part try to eat as well as I can. But of course there is always room for some cake. Eat well to indulge well, that’s my motto!!!




10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Great blog Rachel. Thanks for your fresh, honest way of sharing health advice. Mary Teresa and Liam

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