What brings you happiness?

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Milo & Cake; happiness!

Recently I have been thinking more and more about this question. Very often in my life, I am consumed with the need to purchase ‘stuff’ in the hope that these items will bring me happiness or some form of contentment. From; clothing, jewellery, make up, shoes, along with of course the bigger necessities in life; a car, a home etc. Sometimes when I look around I think that other people have it ‘all’. And because of this, I feel, I need it all. But lately I have come to realise, all of these things or ‘stuff’ I continue to spend money on, are just that, ‘stuff’. They hold no real value, no real significance and will never bring me true happiness. So even if I do someday manage to have it ‘all’, will this bring me happiness?Read More »


You and Your body…

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I am too fat, too skinny, my hips are too big, my hips are too small, my boobs are too small, my ears stick out too much, my nose is too small, too big…. You see where I am going with this!

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4 ways to Self – Care

Time to reflect. What do most of us do in January? Make a big long list of New Year resolutions and goals. I am not drinking ever again! I am building a six pack! While I am all for setting goals, this year I decided to change tact. I started this blog last year as part of my set of New Year resolutions. As a way of staying accountable for my ‘healthier lifestyle’ and it has been an amazing tool for me.

I love to make realistic goals that I can achieve and feel fantastic for. However after last year’s goals and the workload I gave myself to achieve these goals. I decided this year I would reflect on 2015 and identify areas of my life that need to be tweaked, and could be tweaked in an effortless way. Making the process more enjoyable with less pressure.

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5 Top Tips to get through Christmas!


20151213_140349_resizedI have decided that this year I will not gain the annual 5 lbs weight in chocolate. I will not feel bloated and sluggish and bad come the New Year. I will not face into the torture of having to drink green smoothies day in and day out, until I start to resemble what I used to look like. Instead I will see January as a positive, set some New Year goals and be excited for what the new year may bring. Ok this is the plan, but as we know it takes more than just a plan. It takes determination, strong will and just damn hard work, but I am willing to give it my best shot! I set this blog up almost a year ago, as a New Year goal to be accountable for my actions in relation to my health. So I feel this rounds out the year fairly well. Therefore I am here and now making a promise to myself and to all of you. I will be respectful to myself and my body and only over indulge a ‘normal’ amount this Christmas.

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Inspirational people; who inspires you?

Hi Guys,11222536_1575577452662848_7894357248306104327_n

As some of you may have seen from my Instagram or facebook page. Last weekend I attended the wellness workshop, CHANGE in Galway. I was so inspired by these speakers, I thought it might be good to share some of what they had to say. The day brought with it a variety of speakers and activities. Kathie Stritch a personal trainer, gave a nice warm up session to get us ready and energised for the day ahead. We then heard from Gerry Duffy, the man who ran 32 marathons in 32 days, yes he actually did this, how crazy is that. On 12th December I am participating in a 10km race in the Phoenix park for aware. I am seriously worried about it, mainly because I am not training for it! However if doubts creep in, all I need do is think about this man. If he managed 32 marathons in 32 days, surely I can manage a 10km jog around a park!. He is now a corporate motivational speaker, business mentor and author. Next up was the beautiful Roz Purcell who demonstrated some delicious and very simple tasty treats. Stay tuned for my version of them coming soon! We wrapped up the day with Alan Quinlan who spoke about mental health. His personal struggles and gave advice on coping mechanisms.Read More »

Setting and Reaching Goals – the formula to success…


I have been slightly absent from the blog over the last number of months. Being lucky enough to have the summer off allowed me the time to do more of what I love to do – blogging. But life must resume as normal and therefore priorities must change. Unfortunately the job that pays the bills must take precedent over all else.


Lately while trying to balance everything I think I was getting slightly lost. Trying to figure out where I was going with my life and what goals I am aiming for? I analyse every baby step I take. Asking is this the right step for me? Should I change my course of action? Should I keep going? How can I improve? A couple of months ago while all of this fuzziness was going on in my head, a facebook feed popped up from the amazing and very inspirational Pat Divilly. He was hosting a one day seminar on ‘success’. Now that is what Wellanicity would describe as synchronicity! So I jumped on the bandwagon in the hope that I would gain some clarity on my future.Read More »

Lost your mojo? How I got mine back

My story

Downtime with coffee
Finding balance with coffee!

Recently something terrifying happened to me. Maybe a slight over exaggeration, however I did find myself in a dark hole. Struggling to dig my way out and get myself together. In the past few years I have become the type of person who cannot stop going. Constant to – do lists. Continuous training or studying or working. Even on a Saturday night when ‘chilling’ at home I am wondering what I could be doing to maximise my time. And I feel bad for sitting around doing nothing. I was recently told by a friend, I was not to get out of my PJs until at least 10am on a Sunday morning. It was a serious struggle to do this as I had things to get done and I needed to be in clothes to do them! This simple task should not be a struggle. Another time I was told I was to watch the full of ‘Sunday Brunch’ before I moved. Another serious struggle as it doesn’t end until 12:30pm. I could have half a day’s work done by then!Read More »